The HCA Elementary program focuses on the development of reading, mathematic, writing, and critical thinking skills. Small class sizes allow children to receive caring, individual attention and thrive from grades K – 5.

During weekly elementary chapel, students pray together, learn about the Bible and are recognized for displaying the Christian character value of the month. Student leadership is developed as 4th and 5th students lead worship.

HCA educates the whole child during these critical formative years as specials classes include instruction in physical education, technology, Spanish, visual arts, and music on a weekly basis.

Middle School

HCA’s Middle School program challenges students in developing high school readiness in all core classes: literature, math, science, and social studies. Rotating quarterly exploration classes expose the students to nine-week courses in PE, visual arts, STEM, and drama/band. An end-of-day homework period permits students to develop time management skills and request assistance in completing assignments. Leadership opportunities are available through participation in National Junior Beta Club, and students engage in community service and giving through school-coordinated service activities. 


High School

The HCA High School program equips students to embrace leadership roles and strive for excellence in completing a rigorous college preparatory workload in a small-group classroom setting. Numerous on-campus dual enrollment and Advanced Placement courses are available in each subject area as students progress through their high school years of study.

Academic and fine arts competitions offer platforms for students to display their talents as HCA participates in the full offerings of the GICAA Fine Arts and Academics league. These competitions include quiz bowl, chess, literary, one-act play, history bowl, robotics, among others.

Dual enrollment

HCA offers dual enrollment courses in several areas including science, humanities and math. Many students leave HCA with more than a semester of college credit while completing this challenging coursework in HCA’s supportive environment. Access to college-level courses allows students to feel successful in advanced courses with the additional support of their high school teachers and academic advisor. Several of dual enrollment courses are taught in our classrooms by HCA faculty who have earned advanced degrees in specific subject area content. Additional courses are offered through online classrooms and are closely monitored by our dual enrollment coordinator.