Daily Bible classes and Christ-centered curriculum in grades K-12
 Weekly chapels for all grade levels
 Annual “Spiritual Growth Week” (grades 6-12) to equip students to identify and
share their unique gifts and talents


 Continuous service opportunities on and off campus
 Participation in annual special events such as teambuilding at Woodlands Camp (grades 6-12) and Catalyst Conference (grade 12)


 Leadership skills developed in elementary praise team, small-group activities, and mentoring opportunities
 Small class sizes foster caring and nurturing environments among teachers and classmates

Spiritual Growth Week 2020

HCA Team BuildPurple Circle

Spiritual Growth week is such an exciting time at HCA. Each year we spend several days going above and beyond with our worship, our daily devotions, and our fun. Our Team Building teams love playing games like Diaper Sniper and live action “Clue”. We spend time discussing how to hear God’s voice in our daily lives. We also enjoy expressing our love for God through worship with our guest leaders. The value of this week for a student’s spiritual life is incredible and it creates a sense of family throughout all grades.