Fine Arts

Students develop skills in fine arts throughout each of our building levels. HCA is committed to providing resources for the growth of our musicians, artists, and thespians in daily classes and organized competitions. A weekly club period allows middle and high school students to further explore fine arts development through student-led activities such as dance, puppet ministry, and concert band.

Elementary School

  • Grades K-5 participate in weekly music and art classes as part of a Specials rotation

Middle School

  • Middle school participates in daily “Explorations” classes, rotating through art, drama, and music (as well as Spanish and physical education)

High School

  • Electives are available in drama, art, band, and debate

Annual Fine Arts Competitions

  • One Act (2017 GICAA State Runner-Up)
  • GAPPS Literary Competition (grades 7-12)
  • ACSI Art Show (K-12)