A Student’s Guide to Spring “Staycation” in Forsyth County

For students, the winter months can drag on with grey days and cold rain. A dream vacation during spring break is the hope of every student. Some people are going to Europe, on mission trips, or family vacations to exciting places. But for many students this can be a very frustrating time you don’t have any vacations or activities planned. In order to keep spring break from being so boring we have created a list of the best ways to spend spring break during a “staycation” in Forsyth County.

1. Hike Sawnee Mountain – A well-known but often forgotten crown jewel of Cumming, Sawnee Mountain makes for a great hike any time of year. The peak, known as the Indian Seats, provides a magnificent view that brings out the beauty of the area. The trail offers over 5 miles of scenic hiking and is a great way to spend time outdoors.

2. Go to a Braves Game – The Atlanta Braves are kicking off their season with their home opener against the Cubs on April 1st. After winning the division last year, this year’s prospects for a great season are up. Great food, great seats, and a new ballpark can make for a fun afternoon or evening outing with friends. The Braves will have 6 home games during spring break this year and prices start at just $6 a ticket!

3. Hit the Lake – A lake adventure can be the highlight of your week if done well. If your family or one of your friends has a boat, hurry out on the water. Whether you choose to do high-speed tubing, fishing, or just simply relax on the beach. Better yet, try something new like paddle boarding. There are several places that rent paddle boards and kayaks to the public allowing you to discover a new hobby and a new way to enjoy the familiar coves of Lake Lanier.

4. Catch a Movie – A great way to pass time during spring break is to go see a new movie! Forsyth County is home to 2 movie theaters: Movies 400 on exit 14 and AMC theaters on exit 13. If you’re looking to save a few bucks, Movies 400 offers $5 movies on Tuesdays which would make a cheap and fun night to spend with your friends. Hollywood blockbusters like “Us”, and “Captain Marvel” are still dominating the box office, but if you want a nostalgic throwback from when you were a kid “Dumbo” might be the way to go.

5. New Restaurants – Forsyth County is home to many unique dining choices. One way to try something new during your spring break would be to try out some of these restaurants and cafés. Some good places to try out are: Daisy’s Drive-Thru (Exit 14), Rooster’s Café (Exit 14), Burger & Shake (Exit 17), Lake Burrito (Exit 17), Grub Burger (Exit 13), and Dutch Monkey Doughnuts (Exit 13).

Regardless of what you choose, get out and enjoy the week. Try something new, go to an old favorite hangout, or just invite your friends to meet you somewhere. Make your time at home a week to remember!

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