HCA exists to prepare students to be world changers by partnering with families through Christ-centered education and community.

We take our mission very personally and I always love to stop and explain some of the key ideas in our mission.

World Changers

HCA wants to be clear of our goal. We want to honor Christ’s calling to make the world a better place by the way we "love one another.” In this day and age, raising a child to do that well can be difficult. We want to be clear that HCA is not the “little Christian school you send your child to protect them from the world.” We are a school you send your children to so that they can someday change the world.

Partnering with Families

At HCA, we believe that parents are the number one spiritual influence in their child’s life. We also believe that the student’s church should be the second influence in his/her life. At HCA, we are honored that a family would choose us to be third. That being said, we also understand that there are many backgrounds and denominations that attend HCA. We describe this as a multi-denominational community, not simply non-denominational. Because of this, we have decided to “double down” on what is core to the Christian faith (Statement of Faith), and have a culture of grace around what is not core (denominational orthodoxy), as there will be differences in how Christians live out their faith.

Christ-centered Education

We provide a Christ-centered worldview in our curriculum and lessons delivered by teachers who are active believers. Our comprehensive and accredited program includes character development, a college preparatory curriculum, including AP and honors classes, dual enrollment, fine and performing arts, athletics, daily Bible classes, and weekly chapel. 


We believe families that surround students as they grow are just as important as the teachers. The direction and quality of a student’s life are often determined by their friends and influences beyond their families. At the end of the day, we want to partner with families who understand and believe in the same mission.

I invite you to schedule a tour, meet our team, and see why our families and staff love being a part of the Horizon Christian Academy family.

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Admissions Process

Applying is easy. We walk you through every step.

Step 1

Book a Tour

Step 1

Step 2

Complete Online Application with application fee ($100)

Step 2

Step 3

You’ll be scheduled for a family interview and student assessment

Step 3

Step 4

Receive Your Admissions Determination Letter

Admissions decisions are determined by the Admissions Committee’s evaluation of several factors: 

  • Completed application, 
  • Current school transcripts

Please ensure that all required information has been submitted to the Admissions Office. A student’s file must be complete before it can be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

  • Evaluations and Interviews.
Step 4

A non-refundable Enrollment Fee of $500 for all students is due upon acceptance. The Enrollment Fee is included as a part of the total tuition and is not an additional fee. The Enrollment Fee cannot be prorated and is non‐refundable. Student enrollment fees for returning students are due by February 28. Returning students that have not returned enrollment agreements with $500 enrollment fee are not guaranteed a space after February 28.

2023-2024 Tuition & Fee Schedule


$9,150 / Year

  • $8,650 - Tuition
  • $500 - Enrollment Fee


$12,850 / Year

  • $12,350 - Tuition
  • $500 - Enrollment Fee


$14,250 / Year

  • $13,750 - Tuition
  • $500 - Enrollment Fee

Senior Fee

$350 / Year

  • Non-Refundable
  • -

New Student Apl. Fee

$125 / Year

  • Non-Refundable
  • -

International Student Fee

$2,000 / Year

  • Non - Refundable
  • -

Academic Screening LVL2

$75 / Year

  • Non - Refundable
  • -

412 Program/Individual

Varies / Year

  • Non-Refundable
  • -

*An Enrollment Fee of $500 is due upon acceptance for each student. The Enrollment Fee is included as a part of the total tuition as noted above. The Enrollment Fee cannot be prorated and is non-refundable. Student Enrollment Fees and signed enrollment forms for returning students are due by February 28, 2023. We cannot guarantee a place for returning students after February 28th without payment and the signed enrollment forms.

412 Fees (non‐refundable)

SMART $2,550
Reading Support $2,500
Math Support $2,500
Resource (both Reading and Math) $4,500
Elementary Monitoring (3rd‐5th) $350
Monitoring 1 $850
Monitoring 2 $1,600
Monitoring $1,600
High School
High School 412 Monitoring - Level 1
(Includes Basic Secondary Monitoring)
High School 412 Monitoring - Level 3
(Same as Middle School Monitoring)

Elementary Monitoring includes creating a 412 plan from existing documentation (504, IEP, Ed Psych), accommodations, and frequent check-ins.

Basic Secondary 412 Monitoring includes a 412 Plan created from professional evaluations, classroom accommodations, communication with parents, monitoring student performance (grades, homework, missing assignments), consulting with students and parents, conferences as needed and Academic Planning Conference, coordination of outside therapies, and Standardized Testing Accommodations (with appropriate documentation). Valid, recent documentation required including, but not limited to, 504, IEP, Ed Psych testing.

Middle School 412 Monitoring includes the Basic Secondary Monitoring listed above, plus Study Hall class where the student is assisted by a teacher with homework, planning, study skills, projects, student check-in several times a week to go over agenda, planning, maintaining assignments, grades, etc.

Academic Progress Monitoring will be administered in the Fall and Spring in student’s area of concern and communicated with families.

Secondary Add-Ons
Standard Testing Lab $1,000
Additional Individual Testing Support
(Based on level of support requested.)

*Includes small group testing in a quiet space. Students must have this recommendation from a valid, up-to-date Ed Psych report. Students utilizing Testing Lab must first be enrolled in 412 Monitoring Program.

Individual Fees (non‐refundable)
New Student Application Fee $125
Senior Fee $350
International Student Fee $2,000
International ESL Resource Fee $1,800
Academic Screening (Level 2) $75

*Tuition costs include textbooks, non-athletic and fine arts activity fees, yearbook, and a student photo package. There are additional costs for uniforms, athletics, and an optional lunch program. We also ask that families prayerfully consider participating in our Annual Fund.

Discounts to Tuition

All discounts are netted against tuition only (excludes Fees).
Total combined discounts are limited to 50% of a student’s tuition.

Discounts are listed in the order they will be applied. Each discount is applied on the net tuition due after the previous discount has been applied.

A discount is offered for those wishing to prepay the full year’s tuition in advance.

  • A6% tuition discount is offered if paid on or before February 28th.
  • A5% tuition discount is offered if paid on or before March 31st.
  • A4% tuition discount is offered if paid on or before April 30th.
  • A3% tuition discount is offered if paid on or before May 31st.
  • A3% tuition discount is offered to new families to HCA if paid within a week of acceptance if after May 31st.
Early Commitment Discount

Current students can “lock‐in” the 2022-23 tuition for the 2023-24 school year by paying your 2023-24 Enrollment Fee in full before February 28th, 2023. The Early Commitment Discount is designed to reward families who reenroll before March 1st, thereby helping the school administration plan for our next school year.

2022‐23 Tuition for 1st‐5th Grade students: $11,900 ($11,400 + $500 Enrollment Fee)

 2022‐23 Tuition for Secondary students: $13,250 ($12,750 + $500 Enrollment Fee)

This discount is not available to new applicants (including Kindergarten applicants, as the tuition for Kindergarten is already heavily discounted).

Discounts To Tuition
  • 6% pre-payment discount (on remaining tuition balance after the Enrollment Fee is paid) for payment in full by February 28th.
  • 5% pre-payment discount (on remaining tuition balance after the Enrollment Fee is paid) for payment in full by March 31st.
  • 4% pre-payment discount (on remaining tuition balance after the Enrollment Fee is paid) for payment in full by April 30th.
  • 3% pre-payment discount (on remaining tuition balance after the Enrollment Fee is paid) for payment in full by May 31st.
  • 2% pre-payment discount (on remaining tuition balance after the Enrollment Fee is paid) for payment in full after August 1st.

Child 1: Pays full tuition
Child 2: 12% tuition discount (excluding the Enrollment Fee & other fees)
Child 3 or more: 25% tuition discount (excluding the Enrollment Fee & other fees)

Employees should refer to the Employee Manual for increased Multi-Child Discount percentages.

Financial Aid
Ministry Leader Discount

There is a 25% discount on tuition for all full-time church and parachurch ministry leaders, including pastors, early childhood education directors, and service programming directors. Eligibility is detailed on the Ministry Discount Leaders Discount application, which should be requested and submitted at the time of acceptance.

Financial Aid

Through GaSSO and other outlets of receiving financial resources, Horizon Christian Academy is able to provide financial aid to HCA families. The HCA Scholarship Committee gives preferences to families in need of financial aid and decides additional awards based on merit and other considerations. The Financial Aid season runs January‐March prior to the upcoming school year. A link to apply for financial aid will be available in reenrollment agreements. No financial assistance is awarded unless a family has first applied through financial aid portal. Phase One of Scholarships will be awarded by March 1. Families will be required to have 2021 tax returns and 2022 W2/1099s when applying for financial aid.

Horizon Christian Academy Payment Policies

You may choose either a one‐time payment or 10 monthly payments from May through February.   Monthly tuition payments must use our automatic tuition management system (FACTS). Automatic payments can be made from a checking or savings account or from select credit cards. A transaction fee will be charged on credit card payments.

Georgia Special Needs Recipients

An estimated credit for expected Georgia Special Needs (GSN) Scholarship payments will be credited to your account based on 90% of the most current Special Needs Scholarship Award Sheet available when the Enrollment form is issued. The credit will be adjusted based on actual GSN scholarship payments received. The family is responsible for any balance.

Georgia Special Needs Recipients

The state of Georgia allows tax payers to redirect their state tax dollars to private schools and organizations for awarding scholarships. IT is because of the generous families and community partners that we are able to provide financial assistance to families. In order to ensure all our incoming students become eligible upon acceptance, we ask that families that fall within the following criteria apply:

  • Must be a Georgia resident and be 4 years old by September 1st
  • Qualified to enroll in Pre K, Kindergarten, or first grade - automatically eligible
  • Was enrolled in public school or homeschooled last year- automatically eligible
  • Has ever received a scholarship through the program - automatically eligible
  • If never attended public school, Second grade and up must attend a Georgia public school for at least six weeks

The six-week public school attendance requirements shall be waived in the case of a student who:

    • Based on residence, would be assigned to a low performing school
    • Documented cases of physical violence or verbal abuse threatening physical harm
    • Homeschooled year prior
    • Previously received a scholarship
  • Scholarship applications will be available February 1st through December 15th.
  • Current or new families that fall within this criteria should apply here
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