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ELEMENTARY  SOCCER–  Last Saturday was a great weekend of soccer. This weekend catch the Blue Tygers as they take on the undefeated Pizza Boltz on field 1 while the Strykers will take on the Hurricanes on field 2. At 11am the Strykers will take on the Pizza Boltz on field 2 while the Blue Tygers and the Hurricanes face off on field 1. 

Note: If a Saturday game rains out, it will be rescheduled to the following Wednesday (5pm/6pm). If the Wednesday rescheduled date rains out, the games for that week will be canceled.


    Pizza Boltz   2-0

    Strykers         1-1

    Hurricanes    1-1

    Blue Tygers   0-2

Regular Season Schedule-

WEEK  1                                                   3/20WEEK 2                                                  3/27
10:00am: Blue Tygers -vs Strykers(F1)   / Pizza Bolts vs Hurricanes (F2) 11:00am:  Strykers vs  Pizza Bolts (F1) /  Blue Tygers  vs  Hurricanes(F2)10:00am:  Blue Tygers  vs  Pizza Bolts(F1)  /  Strykers vs  Hurricanes(F2) 11:00am:  Strykers vs  Pizza Bolts(F2) /  Blue Tygers  vs  Hurricanes(F1)
WEEK 3                                                   4/17WEEK 4                                                 4/24
10:00am:  Blue Tygers  vs  Pizza Bolts(F1)  /  Strykers vs  Hurricanes(F2) 11:00am:  Strykers vs  Pizza Bolts (F2)/  Blue Tygers  vs  Hurricanes(F1)10:00am:  Blue Tygers  vs  Strykers(F1)  /  Pizza Bolts vs  Hurricanes(F2) 11:00am:  Strykers vs  Hurricanes(F2) /  Blue Tygers  vs  Pizza Bolts(F1)

Post season Playoffs   5/1/2021

10:00 AM-

Game 1: #1 seed vs #4 seed                                  

Game 2: #2 seed vs #3 seed                                  

Game 3: Loser of game #1 vs Loser of game #2


Winner of game #1 vs Winner of game #2

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