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Next year,  HCA  will be offering a Middle and Highschool Shotgun team!! We are happy to have parent volunteers  Coach Vernon Kirby and Coach TJ Smith as our coaches for 2021 season. We’re excited about  branching out and offering our students more opportunities to compete in various sports in our League. If your  student is interested in joining next years shotgun team please use the link below. Stay tune for more information.

Join the HCA Shotgun Team

Here are a few questions you might have about this sport?

1. How many kids can be on the team?

2. Is it open for girls and boys?

3. What age is this?  Can middle school do it or is it only high school?  Or are there age group divisions?

4. Will it be up to the member (not the school) to provide their gun?  

5. Is it sporting clays or skeet/trap. Is it a combination of both in the season?

6. When does the season begin/end?. 

7. Does this mean there will be guns on Campus?. 


1. There is no size limit on a team. However, from a safety perspective, we typically like to have 1 adult for every 6 kids to help keep an eye on everyone when shooting, so parent participation is a must especially for the younger ones.

2. League is open to both male and female shooters

3. 12yrs old and up. there are 2 groups Varsity and Middle School

4. Correct. Everyone provides their own shotgun .HCA coaches would provide some suggestions but some may kids already may have guns. 

5. The regular season school shoots are typically sporting clays only and the state tournament consist of all 3 disciplines (Sporting Clays, Skeet, & Trap)

6. The regular season practice starts in August/Sept with tournaments beginning in Sept and going on thru November. The State Shoot is in early Dec and always held at Forest City Gun Club in Savannah.  (It’s the only gun club large enough to host all the teams together)

 7. No, All practice and tournaments are held at Gun Clubs. 

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