How HCA’s TeamBuilding Fosters Unity

As a Warrior, your best memories will be made at TeamBuilding. Every year, we take a week off-campus to focus on building relationships among students and staff, leadership development, and spiritual growth. Students are divided into 8 teams and compete throughout the week in order to be crowned TeamBuilding Champs. Students will compete in athletic, engineering, trivia, and team building exercises giving every student the chance to excel in their best areas.

On Monday the 27th, all middle and high school students learned what team they were on. Every year, this brings on excitement and anticipation mixed with disappointment. Some students are over-the-top excited about their teams while other see they have a lot of work to do to become a great team. But every year students learn that regardless of how we feel about our team at the beginning, we will come to love them by the end of TeamBuilding. This is what brings us together and builds unity that lasts all year.

The Senior Class leads each team, developing their leadership skills and preparing them for college and future opportunities. The bonds created in the next few weeks and very important as they will last throughout a student’s time at Horizon.

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