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 | August 6, 2019 | 

While most of us spent our days relaxing by the pool or enjoying family and friends, many of our Warriors cracked down on their summer reading lists and enjoyed making memories between the pages of a good book. 

As the old saying goes, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” And over the summer, kids from every grade level stop actively learning, losing a good bit of what they’ve absorbed during the school year.

Bryce Nedderman 3rd Grade

What Is Summer Slide?

Summer slide refers to the loss of learning that takes place when school breaks and isn’t in session. 

“Summer slide,” “brain drain,” and “summer learning loss” all describe the phenomenon, and occurs when students “turn off their brains” during the summer months. “Learning loss” is the general umbrella term, of course, but it can attach itself to any specific discipline, like “summer reading loss,” etc. 

The good news is, parents who understand what summer slide is and address it early on – as in, during elementary school years – have found that students perform better in the long run—developing outstanding learning habits that carry through on to high school and college.

Many of our Warriors chose to stop the dreaded “brain drain” and reactivate their learning skills by challenging themselves and creating healthy, lifetime reading habits.

Salem Sayar

Warrior Reading Mission

The staff here at Horizon Christian Academy have made it their mission to do more than educate students. They want these precious minds to fall in love with a lifetime of learning. Reading is one of the quickest ways to make that love blossom. The teachers have been progressive this year with their reading choices, not only expanding the minds of future Warriors but also the heart. “99 thoughts for Junior Highers” was assigned to the middle school students this year. It gave them biblical truths in bite-sized pieces to munch on over the summer. This created an intersect between learning from the head and the heart.

Alaina Guettler 6th Grade

Tips For Creating Reading Warriors

It’s a fact—reading can be fun. Kids just sometimes need a little kick starter.

Here’s how to fit in more reading time while making it more enjoyable for your kids:

Take books with you on summer trips and vacations. With nowhere else to turn, books can be a welcome source of entertainment.

Kinsley Yost 3rd Grade

Take kids to the library regularly. Over time, trips to the library can turn into anticipated activities, allowing kids to look forward to their next book selection.

Join a book club or other book subscription service and let kids choose their books. Speaking of selection per the point above, 92% of kids surveyed said they are more likely to read a book they selected themselves.

Introduce a child to a popular book series (like Diary of a Wimpy Kid). Doing so gets them engaged and keeps them wanting to turn the pages. It also encourages them to revisit books more often.

James Yost 4th Grade
Leave A Book In The Car. 

Does a sibling have an hour long practice or recital? Sitting around and waiting is no fun. Encourage them to pick up a book and instantly be transported to another place.

Goodbye Summer…. Hello Fall!

Aiden Welch 4th Grade

Moving into the 2019-2020 school year we challenge all of our Warriors from Kindergarten to 12th grade to pick up a book during your weekends and fall and spring breaks. Your brain will thank you and so will your imagination. You never know what kind of adventure might be hiding in the next book!

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