Staff Highlight: Carrie Dorse

Ms. Carrie Dorse is an English teacher at Horizon Christian Academy. She has three children, ages eighteen, fifteen, and twelve and a dog named Sherlock. She has been working at HCA for three years now and absolutely loves it. Ms. Dorse toured Horizon when looking for a school for her oldest child. Impressed by Head of School Gary Bennett’s energy and enthusiasm, she knew she wanted to work at HCA. Prior to Horizon, she taught at the college level in New England for 10 years. In this environment, she had upwards of 120 students and around 30 in a class. She says she prefers HCA because of the opportunity to be open about her faith and pray in class. The thing Ms. Dorse loves most about Horizon is the people factor. Connecting with students and teachers is her favorite part of her job.

Ms. Dorse says she loves HCA because it is a great environment for students to doubt and ask questions regarding faith. She has seen students come to Christ that she never would have expected. As for the future of Horizon, Ms. Dorse would like to see the student body grow and begin to represent a variety of national backgrounds. She regards our Korean population as one our biggest strengths as a school.

While Ms. Dorse is a great asset for Horizon, she feels that she benefits even more than the school from her work. She says it keeps a routine in her daily life, which she finds very valuable. Ms. Dorse also says she loves teaching high school students and the give and take involved. She learns from her students everyday, she says. She also says it keeps her accountable in her faith as she is meant to be a role model to these students. As for her spiritual gift, Ms. Dorse sees discernment as her strength. Her life verse is Roman 2:28 which reads, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

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