Kingdom Warrior Awards Presented

Every Wednesday morning, all elementary aged students can be seen singing, dancing, and learning about Jesus. HCA’s Elementary Chapel is a fun-filled environment that encourages elementary students to grow in their faith as well as with their relationship with God. Every month in Elementary Chapel a new character trait is selected. Throughout the month this trait is focused on not only in chapel but also in the classroom, using scripture and daily activities. The Kingdom Warrior Award is a monthly award given to elementary aged students for living out a character trait that we are highlighting in our chapel. For the month of October, the character trait was contentment or being happy with what you have. Teachers observe their students throughout the month and recognize a student or students who have gone above and beyond in showing how they’ve learned to trust God through contentment. It’s another great way that HCA life is more than just learning but also experiencing.

Every month there is at least one student from each grade chosen to receive this award. Our on-campus Chaplain, Pastor Steve Harmon said, “Students learned that being happy with what you have is better than being disappointed by what you’re missing. Teaching a character trait in conjunction with our Bible stories helps students understand that our relationship with God touches every area of our life. We can trust God – so we can be content. We can be content because God loves us, provides just what we need when we need it, and never ignores us.”

The 1st grade recipient of the Kingdom Warrior award is Leah Phongsavanh. Mrs. Ross, 1st grade teacher, stated, “I chose Leah for the Kingdom Warrior Award because Leah never complains and is thankful for what she has. One time, each student got a surprise toy during class, one friend in class didn’t like his toy and Leah was quick to jump and offer hers. Leah shows contentment by being thoughtful grateful and generous to her peers.”

The 2nd grade recipient is Georgia Gunther. According to our 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Walsh, “Georgia is always showing great character qualities, one of which is contentment. Georgia is always willing to help others. When a task is given to her, she does it with a smile. When others have won a game or have succeeded at something, she cheers them on. Georgia is a well-rounded student and shows contentment on a daily basis. She is a pleasure to teach and demonstrates many qualities that others can look up to.”

3rd Grade had two Kingdom Warrior recipients: Sadie Baugh and Anna Graves. When asked about Sadie, Mrs. McGinnis said, “Sadie is truly happy with anything that she receives. She works hard and is generous with everyone in our class. I am so proud of her and how she models contentment for our school.” Mrs. McGinnis also spoke very highly of Anna, stating, “I’ve never heard Anna complain about anything. She is truly content and even happy with everything. She is an amazing example for 3rd grade and our entire school.”

The 4th Grade recipient for October was Austin Jones. Mrs. Saye says “Austin Jones is a very adaptable student, who deals well with disappointments and knows how to stay positive in the face of adversity. He also demonstrates maturity beyond his years. I can count on him to be a role model for other students.”

This monthly  spiritual emphasis is one of the many ways that Horizon partners with families of students to help build a Christ-centered education as well as Christ-centered lives.

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